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Great moving experience with reliable movers and friendly service!

Antonio and his crew made my move from SF to the Peninsula pain and headache free. Details from the move include:

- Fast Masonite set up
- They wrap furniture very well and are quick at it
- Rather than flipping furniture over, they take the time to assess the best way to move a piece to avoid damage to legs, corners, etc.
- They come prepared with plenty of tools, boxes, and other moving supplies
- All of the movers that helped were friendly with smiles all around

Universal Movers is a small company, but their professionalism, quality of work, and pricing sets them apart from the larger companies in the area (which I've used in the past and were almost double the price).

Alfonzo J – 2/28/15


Today I did a local move with Universal Movers LLC from San Bruno to SSF, yes sweet deal! Francisco and Hugo showed up on time, actually a little early but luckily I was ready. Both got the job done as quickly as possible.

I was really worried because I had ALL WHITE furniture and stairs both ways. They packed it and there is not a scratch. It's also nice that they are a local mover, familiar with area and friendly service.

I highly recommend working with the great team at Universal Movers LLC. Every time I called I got a return call, and Antonio also stopped by late to give me a quote at the last minute. Universal Movers go the extra mile!! 

Ingrid N. – 1/21/15


We were blown away by the professionalism and shear pleasantness of Antonio and his partner. They were on time, hugely efficient and they packed our shipping container like the pros they are. We couldn't recommend them more highly. We've moved several times in the Bay Area and Universal Movers LLC are far and above anyone else! 

Karina P. – 9/14


Antonio is the best move coordinator in the business. He is thorough and careful. He knows how to estimate the cost and deliver the services you need. His workers are pleasant and polite and they take care of your belongings. 

Laurie Anne B. – 7/7/14


Universal Movers LLC helped me move while I was out of town. They managed to move my entire apartment without me being there, and when I returned home everything was just where I had hoped it would be. Thank you! 

Johnathan S. – 4/5/14


As a property manager at a high-end condo in San Francisco it is imperative we have movers that have insurance, workman's comp and common sense. Antonio and his staff have consistently performed for folks moving in/out of our complex. I quiz the people who use the company and have heard nothing but glowing reviews. They are neat, polite and cognizant of the rules in multi-unit buildings. 

Carl K. – 3/10/14


Universal Movers LLC are FANTASTIC. They are reliable, honest, fair, hard working and just so nice. I have worked with them many times with my staging company and they have never ever let me down. I trust them completely. Antonio and his crew are the BEST in town. You will not be disappointed if you hire them.

Valerie W. – 1/15/14


Words cannot express how we fell about Universal Movers LLC. My wife and I are seniors with limitations. We have lived in our house for 26 years. But health issues forced us to move.. We found Antonio who was moving the people into our house. What a whirlwind.. He and his crew came in and started packing.. Five workers and two trucks showed up on time.. He had only a few days notice.. Everything was packed and loaded that day.. One short break…. EVERYTHING THAT WASN'T NAILED DOWN. Amazing… Had more than we thought. He ended up using two trucks and the next morning drove the 3 hour drive to out new house. He was there by 8 in the morning ready to go. They wouldn't even eat the donuts we had till they had half the truck unpacked. Things were in the proper places at the end of the day and off they went. They packed everything like fragile glass.. They were so neat we could get both cars in the garage when they were done. Haven't had two cars in a garage in 49 years. lol.. No extra charges... No surprises except for their workmanship and work ethic. FANTASTIC! Can't say enough. They saved our life. We could not have moved successfully on our own. Their bid was under others. They earned it plus and worked with a smile and a "don't worry about it' Thanks you again Antonio from Joyce and I.

George D. – 5/5/14


I've been always moving my own, renting trucks, calling friends to come and help, and so on. But this time I decided to hire a moving company and prevent all the hassle and stress of moving. Well, after doing some shopping, I found this company. And frankly, they offered me the best rate after I submitted my quotation thru website. They were very friendly, and squeezed me in their schedules and accommodate my dates. Overall, I turned out to be very happy with their services and decided to leave a feedback to honor their good service. 

MGA A. – 1/22/13


I called Universal Movers on short notice to help with a short local move from my apartment to a condominium. They had a crew of two men available at a very cost-effective price. The crew showed up exactly on time (actually a couple minutes early) and to my surprise they wrapped almost all the furniture pieces in moving blankets before loading to their truck. The crew was efficient and courteous -- I was moved into my condominium in just under three hours. I recommend them for your local moves.


David O. – 4/18/14

Universal Movers were recommended to me by one of my clients- an interior designer. They did a local pick up and delivery for me to my full satisfaction. Then I needed someone to deliver a truck full of very expensive shades with motors to Pebble Beach. And I needed it be scheduled 3 days before the actual date! I left a message on Friday with no hope of hearing from them. I found 3 voice mails from them after being at client's house for hours where there is no reception. I called that day after 6 pm and got a response. On Monday morning at 7.30 am 2 guys were at my office ready to pick up the load. It was truly amazing. And their price was surprisingly low for such a distance

Madina A. – 1/28/15


We would definitely hire and recommend Universal Movers again. Antonio and his team were prompt, professional, in uniform, thorough, took great care with our belongings, easy to communicate with, and all at a competitive price. They were true to the price quoted and remained very trustworthy and helpful when our ability to move into our home was delayed. They deserve every star.

Leah B. – 1/3/14


First of all, it really pays to hire professional movers you trust. We had used Antonio to move my mother and knew that he was careful, fast, slightly less expensive than competitors were, and completely transparent about costs. He checked with us upfront about any costs besides the hour rate: "I'd recommend two packs of furniture wrap for $25 each--is that all right?" He told us when they took a five minute break. He took better care of things than we expected. I had him pack the artwork--he had done it for Mom and I knew he knew he did it with care and expertise. So once he and his crew arrived, we just stayed out of the way except for a few questions. Four hours later, everything was in the container, well protected and secured. I even napped through a most of it, which shows my level of trust. Worth every penny.

Diane P. – 9/30/14


We were blown away by the professionalism and shear pleasantness of Antonio and his partner. They were on time, hugely efficient and they packed our shipping container like the pros they are. We couldn't recommend them more highly. We've moved several times in the Bay Area and Universal Movers are far and above anyone else! Thanks universal movers!

Karina P. – 9/22/14


I want to add my name to the list of Universal Movers LLC fans and my 5-star endorsement because i have never been so satisfied with a moving company. Antonio and his team are: easy to access, professional, reliable, accommodating, polite, on time, hard working. And, their truck looks clean and great. Also, Antonio is techno-savvy. I've used this company more than once, for both commercial and residential moves, and will again.

Ellen A – 9/3/14


We were blown away by the professionalism and shear pleasantness of Antonio and his partner. They were on time, hugely efficient and they packed our shipping container like the pros they are. We couldn't recommend them more highly. We've moved several times in the Bay Area and Universal Movers are far and above anyone else!!

Lauren J. – 7/11/14


I called them Wednesday for a Saturday morning move - they were not only available but the best price as well!

Antonio and his partner showed up even earlier then promised. I explained what needed to be moved and they figured out the rest. They were friendly, courteous, resourceful, polite, worked very fast and took very good care of my stuff. They covered the floor and everything in blankets. It turned out to be a rainy day which is rare in Bay Area in California but there were not complaints, they were extremely professional.

But I was the most impressed when they finagled my small, yet mighty heavy upright piano to the second floor of the apartment where I was moving. Boy, the staircase was narrow! It had a very sharp turn, it seemed nearly impossible to squeeze up the beast without Vaseline. But they gave me a confident smile and said we'll see if we can do it. It was a sport for them, a challenge they took without hesitation! Up went the piano, I even rolled up my sleeves too to make it go better.

They made sure everything was in the place I wanted it and off they went. If you hire these guys make sure you tip them generously, even with a fat tip you'll come out better then any other mover. (I moved 3 times in the as many years.)

Antal B. – 3/29/14


I really needed some one to move all my stuff to one location to another tried all kinds of movers and there rates and quotes were to a little high so I called universal movers and liked the way they responded and dealt with me. They have the nicest and fastest crew and did it with care. I don't really trust people moving my thinks but I felt comfortable with them. I made the right choice calling them. I really recommend this company they really know what there doing they handle everything with experience and care. Very fast and hard workers.

Juan J. 6/25/13


What excellent customer service, very good prices, and extremely fast and professional!!!!! They fit me into their schedule last minute, and a few weeks later did the same for a few friends and family of mine. If you want the big name service without having to pay the big name price. There is no way you can go wrong with this company. Thanks Guys!!!!

Sergio D. – 4/23/13

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